August: Congratulations to Sanchez Jarrett, who successfully defended his dissertation!

June: We are now hiring a lab technician! Please contact us to apply.

Congratulations to Mark Andrews, lab technician, who left to attend Medical School!

April: Drew's manuscript "A Flow-Extension Tethered Particle Motion Assay for Single-Molecule Proteolysis" published in Biochemistry and makes the cover!

Julia Roger's Paper "Bispecific Forkhead transcription factor FoxN3 recognizes two distinct motifs with different DNA shapes" published in Molecular Cell!

January:  Ruili Cao joins the laboratory!



October: Jonathan's paper published in Nature Communications!

June 1: Julia Rogers joins the lab!

April: Steve elected to the Association of American Physicians!


December: Tom Seegar Discusses ADAM10

December: Tom Seegar's paper on ADAM10 now in Cell!

November: Elif Kamber joins the Blacklow Lab!

October: Colin Lipper Joins the Blacklow Lab!

August: Steve receives a seven-year Oustanding Investigator Award from the National Cancer Institute!

May: Brian McMillan's paper on ESCRT III - Lgd complexes now in Cell Reports:

May: Aster-Blacklow collaboration featuring Kelly Arnett's work published in Science Signaling:

February: Binqian Guo selected for a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fellowship!

February: Izabela Durzynska's STK40 manuscript published in Structure!


November: Brandon Zimmerman's structure of CD81 Published in Cell!

October: Emily Egan joins the Blacklow and Adelman Labs!

August: Brian McMillan's paper on Shrub published in Cell Reports!

July: Vidyasiri Vemulapalli joins the Blacklow Lab!

May: Alumna Wendy Gordon named Pew Scholar!!


July: Andrew Drabek joins the Blacklow Lab as a graduate student!


Wendy Gordon accepts a job as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics at the University of Minnesota.


Steve named Chair of the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.